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cath01: First Member to POST! Jan 31, 2016 0:17:41 GMT
cath01: Ray, none of the meetings are showing up in the calendar. Are they suppose to? Jan 31, 2016 0:20:14 GMT
Ray Wohltman: Hello, Catherine has setup a group at Meetup, check it out www.meetup.com/Alcohol-Moderation-Management/ and join to spread the good word! Jan 31, 2016 13:08:35 GMT
Ray Wohltman: Woo Hoo!! Jan 31, 2016 13:09:26 GMT
Ray Wohltman: I am going to try and add them, they should... Jan 31, 2016 13:09:44 GMT
Ray Wohltman: This is a learning curve for me. :-) Jan 31, 2016 13:09:57 GMT
Ray Wohltman: If you are into tech I'll make you an Admin so you can organize the structure better, add ideas..... Jan 31, 2016 13:11:02 GMT
Catherine S: MM meeting tonight! Tenley – Friendship Library at 4450 Wisconsin Ave. NW from 7 – 8:30 Feb 23, 2016 17:51:08 GMT
Ray Wohltman: I'm on this Whole30 and I'm so enthralled by the cooking experience that the fact I'm not drinking is not even in my mind, and I've dropped 12 pounds! Apr 10, 2016 11:10:09 GMT
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